At the moment completely reliable pictures Lada Granta not find on the Internet. This is due to the fact that the car is now at the stage of testing and running. From time to time appear in the network "spy" photos of Lada Granta, on which you can not yet judge will look like the final version of the car.

On this page we will publish the pictures found Lada Granta, which have already appeared or will appear in the Internet.

Lada Granta фото Lada Granta фото Lada Granta фото Lada Granta фото Lada Granta фото Lada Granta фото Lada Granta фото Lada Granta фото

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16 comments: Photos

  1. From Kazan says:

    Yeah))) Another masterpiece or even a bestseller from the pride of the Russian car industry that brings in itself, judging by these photos, the worst of all Renault Symbol and Logan, and available development VAZ)

  2. Kast says:

    The main thing that the body has been built on new security technologies, so that the front end collision lie crease retention quenching kick that would have been normal review of the cabin, so the aerodynamics was at, let alone the fact that this is clearly not Opel country, and the latter can be zabit.7ka liters 50 uses per 100 km on the highway when traveling, tearing, time and space, leaving no trace in the zazhivayuschii delicate matters for its square)

  3. ALUNKA says:

    better priors had not yet been released.

  4. from Ufa says:

    oo daaaaaaaaaaa) why? why? Renault Logan is in fact this car will buy up all because of the price, but it just would like crap, and before reaching the VAZ cars, it is better one good, and reasonable in price ...

  5. Arsene says:

    I did not think that the worst priors can work something out. But our producers have once again stunned by his imagination. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

  6. qwerty says:

    God forbid our offspring from the Russian car industry!

  7. Elmira says:

    Or anything you do not understand! The car is great! I loved it!

  8. Glory says:

    I think that the Russian car industry will not soon create a really beautiful, reliable and quality car.

  9. Pavel says:

    interesting, but under the hood is the same vosmerechny engine??
    to hell with it with Lada, they stupidly let that buy consumer goods, and to do something normal it is not profitable, at any time without too much competition from foreign brands.
    Personally, I am for 250-300 TR I want to drive yourself with Belarus that thread here Consumption of diesel fuel in 11 l on the highway 7l (self tested). within 300t.r. You can take the machine, leather. lounge, 2 or 3 znny climate and a lot more interesting. And Clarence variable from 14 to 21 cm is just right for our roads (for example at 22 fields, while the priors 16.5)!

  10. Fedor says:

    finally morons with AvtoVAZ guessed baaalshoy hole to dig up bulbs dostavaniya of the rear lights, which at the Kalina nebilo and had to get the entire spotlight for swearing dirty ugly studs are broken grain you on the top ten and it was fine with the lights, but there is a narrow hole anyway, and now have to swear because of scarring of the hands, when the carrier bought the grant will change the fucking lights

  11. Alexey says:

    Most top of the range should be minimal in this "masterpiece", and they still do umudrils and economical option. Forever we have so wring maximum minimum!!

  12. Alexey says:

    By the way I advise to look "With the project" from the frets. For me as a sort of nicheshnaya. What do you say??

  13. Marussia says:

    Dear leaders of AvtoVAZ! Invite already normal designer ... Take, for you to make it for years ... Where is the poverty of fruit on the streets of his native country!? ...

  14. pikul says:

    O Lord our God, you forbid those people who will ride on this masterpiece))))) She has a face like a fly tsokatuhi and Stokoe in the back room to explicitly request it naraz drove it all full magnus on the road!!

  15. Ian says:

    The grant after photoshop looks much better (large photo)

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