Unfortunately, neither we nor the Internet no photo salon Lada Granta.

It can be assumed that the interior of the cabin will be inherited from the Lada Kalina, or even further simplified in order to reduce the cost of the car.

More reliable information and photos of interior will most likely by the end of 2011, when mass production scheduled for the car.

3 comments: Beauty

  1. Kast says:

    It may be a good salon, at the expense of foreign suppliers komlektuyuschih.Ved a cheap Hyundai pretty bad!

  2. Alexander says:

    Beauty better would like to fret 2112.samaya best car that we have been able to do is dvenaha)))

  3. Fedor says:

    why repeat the same thing as a 12-sculpt the model????
    there and the stove at a dozen Weird, but here, though stolen outright from Logan, but nevertheless much as in any way but rather only in deluxe or standard and the standard - muck
    at AvtoVAZ, there is no better or worse, there is so much to tell you that we slipped and dvenaha best or not it is hard to tell, seems to be nothing but crap all plastic creaks dviglo no, weak, at one time there was some sort here in 2002, and how to say, but already in 2011, and other realities

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